AKWF FREE (waveform samples)

All in one pack!

You probably want to download one of the all in one pack. It contains all the single cycle wave forms. The wave format work with many samplers and synths and there are some packages containing samples formatted for ones that need a different format. I choose to sample thes waveforms at D2+2 which equals 600 samples. The biggest reason for that was because I was using Fibonacci sequences to build sounds. As the synths, samplers and computers got better at handling single cycle wave forms it made less sense but I kept the standard of 600 samples anyway.

These waveforms took a great amount of time to sample and I would like to continue this and similar projects, if you want to make that easier for me please please consider to make a small donation.

To the extent possible under law, Kristoffer Ekstrand has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to AKWF Waveforms. This work is published from: Sweden.

AKWF FREE on github

You find the repository for AKWF FREE on github. You are also welcome to contribute to the repository.

Wave format (all in one)

This is the original pack and consists of samples that are 600 samples long. This means that the pitch (D2+2) is a bit weird if your sampler / synthesizer isn’t treating the samples a Single Cycle Wave Form.

(samples are suitable for many synthesizers and samplers such as Native Instrument Reaktor, Mutable Instruments Shruti, Image lines Sytrus, Image Line Monomachine, Animoog, Big Tick Rhino, U-he Zebra, Camel Audio Alchemy, Image Line Harmor, Image Line Harmless, Image Line 3xOsc, Elektron Octatrack, Ableton Sampler, Blip Interactive Nanostudio, Single Cell Software Caustic, LittleGPTracker etc.

Formatted for Corona and Discovery Pro thanks to discoDSP / George.

Formatted for Music Line Editor (Amiga) thanks to ADRDesign / Alvaro.

Formatted for Pro Tracker (ST-Clones) thanks to ADRDesign / Alvaro.

Formatted for Camel Audio Alchemy (all in one)

Formatted for U-he Zebra (all in one) (Thanks Piet Wagner)

Formatted as WT wave tables for Harmor and Komplexer (all in one) (Thanks Piet Wagner)

Formatted for Big Tick Rhino (all in one) (Thanks Tick)

Formatted for MonoMachine (all in one) (Thanks Tyrone)

Formatted for Native Instruments Reaktor (all in one) (Thanks to MaZe 6000)

Graphic plotters of all the waveforms

A visual guide to the waveforms (Thanks to Madah)


Waveform AKWF_0085 is used in this video demonstrating the Octatrack.

Tutorial on using the AKWFs with MusicLine Editor.

You can also download individual folders from the AKWF pack.

That’s all, happy sound designing!

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