Sytrus is a powerful and versatile hybrid Synthesizer – subtractive but addictive. I got it all – FM, RM, Subtractive synthesis, plucked string synthesis and additive oscillators. It got three independent filter modules with a selection of 13 filters. The oscillators, the modulation between the oscillators (FM/RM) and the filters is what I like the most about sytrus. There is much more to this synthesizer but I have written a little about the features I like. It can be used on a PC as a VST but MAC support is in the making.

Oscillators / operator modules

There are 8 oscillators or operators. I guess they are called operators because sytrus can do FM (frequency modulation) and RM (ring modulation) synthesis. The oscillators can both be set by standard sine, triangle, sawtooth, square and pulse wave forms. It can also act as a additive oscillator wich is often used with the sine wave basic shape but it can also use the other wave forms so it can be used to bake a lot of sawtooth waveforms into one oscillator and that feature is a both very quick to work with and a great CPU saver. The oscillator can also load single cycle wave form samples and is compatible with my AKWF library of waveform containging thousands of free sampled oscillator shapes.

Filter module

The filter module is not only a filter module and contains besides controls and envelopes for the filters also waveshape distortion and a volume envelopes. There are 13 filter types.

SVF ‘Chocolate’ filter

A full featured SVF filter and has envelopes and controls for low/band/high levels. Used as a low pass filter it is a little bit more ‘analog’ sounding than the vanilla low pass. A SVF filter can be a low, band or high pass filter or any combination of them and is great for creating percussive synthesis.

Low Pass – LP ‘Vanilla’ filtera

A classic low pass filter with a little bit less coloration than the SVF filter.

Band Pass – BP ‘Vanilla’ filter

A classic band pass filter.

Notch – NOT ‘Vanilla’ filter

A classic notch filter.

High Pass – HP ‘Vanilla’ filter

A classic high pass filter.

All Pass – AP ‘Vanilla’ filter

A classic all pass filter.

Low Shelf – LS ‘Vanilla’ filter

A classic low shelf pass filter.

Peaking – PK ‘Vanilla’ filter

A classic peaking filter.

High Shelf – HS ‘Vanilla’ filter

A classic high shelf filter.

Low Pass ‘Mango’ filter

A low pass with built in distortion so it is great for 303 or ms-20 types of filters.

Phaser filter (PHS) filter

A filter that phases rather than sweeps a frequency. It is used to give sounds movement. It’s cool cause you can control the phasing with the envelopes which makes it very different compared to just slap a phaser on a sound as an effect.

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