Harmor additive / image synthesizer

Harmor is a synthesizer made by Image-line that is capable of many different types of synthesis. Strictly technological it produce sound through additive synthesis and even it’s filters are calculated on partials and not on a audio stream. I know this sounds a bit like mumbo jumbo and you don’t really need to know much to start to use Harmor. If you are familiar with subtractive synthesizers, samplers and common audio effects you will understand most of the terminology and concepts.

Image synthesis

Harmor can do image synthesis wich means you can load up an image and Harmor translates it into sound. If you take a random picture it will most of the time not sound like something useful but it means you can edit an image in an image editor (Photoshop/Gimp/Paint/etc.) and then load it into Harmor. Harmor can also convert a sound into an image which means you can then open the image in your image editor and paint or use filters meant for graphics on a sound. Great for experimentation and sound design.

Audio resynthesis

To be able to to translate an audio recording into a additive synth sound kind of combines sampling and synthesizing into one new thing.

Wave-table synthesis

Harmor can load both one cycle wave-forms and wave-tables containing a collection of one cycle wave-forms.

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