Adventure Kid Research & Technology (AKRT)

AKRT is a research project done by Kristoffer Ekstrand or Adventure Kid. The aim for the project is open source in the way that everyone is welcome to contribute. The work such as samples (also waveforms, that is samples) can be used in projects as long as Kristoffer Ekstrand or Adventure Kid is credited.

I spend a great amount of time on the AKRT projects and would like to continue the projects and similar future projects, if you want to make that easier for me please please consider to make a small donation.

Research/works that have resulted in finnished work:
Single cycle waveforms – Oscillator shapes / One cycle waveforms
Reverb impulse responses – IRs to use in convolution devices such as convolution reverbs

Researched at the moment:
Mellotronics – will result in multisampled instruments and will be published as DirectWave and SF2
Single cycle waveforms (Oscillator shapes / One cycle waveforms)
Cabinet impulse responses – will result in Impulse responses for use in convolution reverbs

Content and formats:
Instrument plug ins (VST)
Sample libraries (Wave, DirectWave, Giga, SF2)
Impulse responses (Wave)
White papers (PDF)

10 responses

  • Karamell says:

    I am writing a synth with Csound and Cabbage which is using your waveforms. In order to ease the use of the synth, do you allow me to redistribute them with the synth mentionning their origin and/or point to your website to dowload them. The synth is, of course, freely available and source code is licensed under GNU GPL ( like Csound and Cabbage).
    BTW, you really made a great job with these wavforms, thank you a lot.
    Hope reading you soon.

  • Brian says:

    just dowloading your cycles for use in my deluge , cant wait to try them out. thanks for all the hard work 🙂

  • Dave says:

    This is AWESOME! Thank you very much, they have given new life to my synthesizer.

  • Zach says:

    Much thanks for the waveforms man!

  • Max says:

    AWSOME!! Just awsome… you are my ‘one stop shop’ for single cycle wavs.

    These go into my monomachine an give it new and exiting life!


  • Adventure Kid says:

    Nice, happy synthesizing!

  • Corin says:

    Thanks a million for these waveforms! Using them in Zebra2

    – Corin

  • Patrick says:

    Thanks for all the waveforms! I’m going use them to experiment with a Waldorf Blofeld ;).


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