MS-20, NOT 8-bit!

Fakebit refers to a style of electronic music that differs from real 8-bit (music) in being made with the technical resources of sound emulation, software synthesizers or hardware synthesizer instead of real low bit computers and gaming consoles. This has the advantage of ease of use and availability, at a trade-off in accuracy of sound.

While a musician may choose to stay within the technical limits which the genuine hardware would have, sound emulators often allow to ignore such restrains. As a result, the typical chiptune sound is sometimes treated with effects or mixed with other instruments. This option has encouraged artists to experiment with combining the classic 8-bit style with more contemporary genres and instrumentation.

Is Adventure Kid fakebit?

I use both 8-bit consoles, 32-bit consoles, personal computers (obsolete and contemporary), software synthesizers, hardware synthesizer (both analogue and digital). I don’t really care what I am but yeah I’m probably fakebit. I like pretending.

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