Discovery Pro

Discovery Pro

Discovery Pro is a Virtual Analog synthesizer and sampler mad by discoDSP and is available as a VST or Audio Unit plugin. It can load Sound Fonts (SF2) and impoty Nord Lead 2 SysEx data but the most interresting to you, as you are here, is that it can use the one cycle wave forms from Adventure Kid’s Wave Form (AKWF).

You’ll find the Discovery Pro synthesizer here.


Virtual Analog synthesizer + sampler
32 / 64-bit Audio Units / VST
Dual / Four octave key split
4 layers / 12 oscillators with Sync / FM
WAV / SoundFont (SF2) support
PADSynth re-synthesis
2X oversampling / undersampling
Built-in arpeggiator
12 filter types / ZDF NL2 modeled + 2 Moog®
Panning modulation / stereo delay / gate effects
Graphic envelope modulation
Imports / Exports Nord Lead 2 SysEx data

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