Polybius was mainly written during the first week of my summer vacation. I had a gig planned in Brazil and I felt that a staycation might be the best way to kick of the summer in a very social and fun way. Well I ended up in my studio with a mix of analog and digital synthesizers and a brand new reverb. I do not use much reverb other than the room I am recording in but this reverb just put my synthesizers¬†on a stage where I¬†didn’t want to stop making sounds. When I found a drum machine I never really learnt to program it fell into place. I love old drum machines and I love sampled drums with a LoFi feel but it was entertaining to work with all synthesized drums. When I had the stems printed to tape I heard that this should not just stay on my computer even if it didn’t sound like the chiptunesque music I do most of the time. I hope you feel the same, that even if this isn’t the kid you have gotten to know it’s something worth listening to.

I hope you will follow me on this adventure into a forest I’ve not been to before.

This album will be released in 2015.

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