The Kiddotron is my homage to the instruments sometimes labelled  mellotronics. These where some of the first samplers that were commercially available and they all relied on tape playback. The technology made the sounds of the instruments sound real but still with a very unreal touch. Flutes were warbley, the strings sounded distorted and the choirs sounded haunting.

All these instruments were more or less disasters when it came to finances and they all died by the hands of the chip and the microprocessors that gave musicians much more sound for much less. I owned a Mellotron for a week and and fell in love with it. Quite expensive but so loveable.

These are my shot at making multi sampled instruments with the aesthetics of a mellotronic instrument. All are recorded in 32bit and down sampled to 16bit, it didn’t make ANY difference to the perception of the sound. I know all you tech savvy won’t believe me. Play it in a sampler with a nice 32 bit float audio engine that’ll make the samples come alive.

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