Adventure Kid – The beginning

by Andrew Darling – October 2007

A room full of the sound of machines waking up. New and obsolete technology hums a low pitched tone. In front of the machines a man is sitting on his knees powering up machine after machine, an image very much like that of a boy playing videogames. One of the screens lit up and displays an interface resembling a Roland TB 303.

The room is crowded with technology, midi controllers, videogames, old computers and monitors and it does not only serve as a studio but also as bedroom for Kristoffer who makes electronic music under the name Adventure Kid.

“I’m trying to cut down on hardware, but it’s hard, those old computers have loveable quirks new synthesizers´ lack. I’ve promised myself to get rid of them some day but they’re like buddies. Nowadays I mainly use samples and vsts but I can’t just throw them away.”

Kristoffer says something I don’t hear and press some buttons. The room fills with a deep laughter and drums that feel like a punch in my chest. When the melody kicks in it sounds like an 80’s rock band sucked into a pocket calculator going bananas.

The music of Adventure Kid is not usual bit-pop / techno affair. His melodies actually sound as if they were taken from an old game but it’s not just videogame music. Maybe the best way to describe Adventure Kids aesthetic is that he blends many aesthetics. He easily puzzles bitpop, trance, techno, synth and melodies from 80’s mainstream metal and indiepop into some kind of fun and catchy but still complex modern dance music.

Though Adventure Kid hasn’t released any records and hasn’t sent out one single demo, which I think is pretty stupid behaviour, he has managed to get fans all over the world through gigging and his website. I found Adventure Kid on Youtube. A friend showed me a video recorded in Paris where Kristoffer performed a song called ‘Hip-hop is my only hope’ that starts and stops like if the song itself was made out of rubber and time was elastic.

“I remember that when I wrote ‘Hip-hop is my only hope’ I wanted my synthesizer to sound like as if you scratch a record. It’s not an accurate emulation at all. It’s a failure and something I did to entertain myself. I did not expect people would react to it at all and certainly not so strong as they do.”

Live Kristoffer holds nothing back and most of the time the audience does not either. Kristoffer was wrestling with the old conundrum of how to present ‘computer music’ in an interesting way on the stage but when he eventually played is first gig it just worked out.

“I hadn’t really thought about how to do things; I just went up and did what I felt like and it seems like I felt like moving around, dancing and jumping constantly for 30 minutes. And luckily for me that was what the people listening also wanted to do.”

Songs like ‘Erasing clouds when the kids are sad’, ‘Deatch cab’ and ‘Hip-hop is my only hope’ has already won my heart and I among many anticipate the first official release of Adventure Kid. I guess that what ever happens with this kid it will be an adventure.

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