Adventure Kid is the stage name of Kristoffer Ekstrand who is based in Sweden. He uses obsolete personal computers, hand held gaming consoles and video game consoles in conjunction with modern synthesizers, sequencers and instruments to create music, games and art work.

At early shows, Kristoffer became notorious for his exhibitionist antics on stage, spontaneous dancing, removing clothing mid-performance, life endangering stunts and air guitar playing. The live shows are high energy human machine collaboration. The live shows often looks like a mash up between a punk gig and a dance floor.

Thanks to his chaotic live shows, remixes and the nature of Internet Adventure Kid has been used in games, tv-shows and movies. There has not been any official releases up to this date (October 1, 2014) though. The debut album How to make life suck less is scheduled to be release in 2010.

Other info

Kristoffer Ekstrand is also a memberĀ of I’m from Barcelona.

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