Simon the Sorcerer I

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Simon the Sorcerer

When riding the tube lately I’ve been playing Simon the Sorcerer I and just finished it. Simon the Sorcerer is a series of  adventure games about an unwilling teenage hero named Simon. I just finished and just felt I had to tell people about it.It all starts by Simon looking for his dog, so he can put him in the dryer. He finds his dog in the attic were he by accident opens a book that opens a portal to another world. The story takes a lot of inspiration from the Narnia and The Lord of the Ring. For example, when you arrive in the new world Simon finds himself on top of a stone table, if you later in the game makes Simon look at it he tells you it’s a stone table for sacrificing shaved lions. Gollum makes some kind of appearance as well. When Si

Simon the Sorcerer Giant

When I grew up I loved the Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, and I also loved Monkey Island. And this game is a great mash of these experience. I just come to the conclusion I like Simon’s snarky attitiude more than Guybrush’s naive approach. I also like that Simon really don’t want to become a wizzard, he just want the whole game to be over as quickly as possible. That you can make Simon insult more or less everyone in this game is also an plus.

The music is well composed and I remember I was totally stunned by the fact you could hear the sound of birds when playing it the first time sometime during the 90’s. The graphics are also really awesome and some of the finest hand pixeled work I’ve seen.


A lot of  classic characters from folklore and the adventure genre appears in this game. Most of the time a bit different what you are used to see them. The wise owl  that has a problem with words are one example. Simon the Sorcerer always kind of hangs between being a real fantasy story and a parody of it. It’s thos lack of respect but big love for the genre that makes this really worthwhile.

Simon the Sorcerer Mist

Another thing that stroke me is the resemblance between Simon the Sorcerer and Harry Potter. Simon being a bit more punk than Harry though.

It’s ha great game, you can get it for the ScummVM or the Iphone. I’m planning to play Simon the Sorcerer II as well but the summer means less tube so well se what happens. I remember that games as great as well.

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