Made in Queens – Stereobikes galore

February 18, 2011 6:05 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Made in Queens - stereo bike.

A movie about a crew of Trinidad kids now living in Queens, who built stereo systems on their BMX bikes. Really cool shit. Ch-ch-ch-check the trailer.

Last summer in a cramped, rented garage on the outskirts of Queens, NY something incredible was happening. Nicholas Ragbir, an imaginative tinkerer from Trinidad was working late into the nights creating something nobody had ever seen: enormously powerful stereo PA systems jerry rigged onto ordinary bmx bikes. It wasn’t long before Nick assembled a small crew of like-minded riders. Traveling together, each behind the handlebars of his or her own massive homemade creation, they treat the neighborhood to an outrageous impromptu music and dance party on wheels.

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