I’m from Barcelona, More Is More (Andy)

February 24, 2011 11:53 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Epic video of I’m from Barcelola and Jönköping’s Sinfonietta filmed by Mats and Olle.

Some weekends ago I was in Jönköping where I lived at up until I left for Stockholm, it’s also the town where I once upon a time met my dear friends I’m from Barcelona. After a really confused trip to Jönköping I was thrown behind a camera and instructed by this guy Olle not to touch anything. That’s instructions I can handle. Mats checked up on me and saw to it that nothing went wrong. And then this really good collision between Jönköping’s punk choir and Jönköping’s sinfonietta took place in front of the cameras lense. It was AWESOME.

After that we had a after party and I woke up in a sofa with memories of Johan and Mary-Anne from Malmö Operan doing “Scenes from a marriage” Ricki Lake stylee. I also remember grabbing the excellent arranger and conductor Jonas Nydesjö’s butt. I guess it was the best way I could think of to show my gratification. I’m really smart.

Jonas Nydesjö + I’m from Barcelona + Jönköping’s Sinfonietta = a good night.

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