I’m grown up, I’ll play with my food if I want to

February 27, 2010 10:52 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


So now the scientists agree about the awesomest way to eat is by making small artworks of your leftovers. Basically a Charabento is a lunchbox on crack and a finger to all moms who ever said “don’t play with your food”. Adventure Kid charabentos should be my number one merchandise.

Superangry charabentoIt’s such a good Idea, someone need a Nobel prize and a gold-medal, charabento making should be an Olympic Sport and the inventor should be given all the sex he or she ever wants. The only bad thing about this is that it takes a lot of time to make some of these boxes. We need to have bigger class differences so we can get servants or go back to society with housewives/-men.  It’s unfair and a bit anti progress but freaki’n worth it.

Spirited away charabentoMy plan is to marry Anna the Red who is a the lunch box master of the universe. She has a boyfriend though so I should really make another plan. The charabentos in this post is from her website where you can see more creative lunchboxes.

Learn how to make charabentos

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