Girls (and not so productive nights…)

February 23, 2010 9:58 pm Published by 1 Comment


A kind of no good night at the studio… I’m trying to write a song about this girl… It just wont get the way I want it to be… So I took the sketchpad and painted something instead.

I find that this happens a lot sometimes that what I wanna do just isn’t in my head or in my hands today, maybe tomorrow but not today. That’s quite annoying. One or two songs less on the record isn’t a problem… But still… SOOO ANNOYING. It’s on days like these I would like to be a robot and be programmed.

2 GOTO 1

Oyeah, the name of the record will be “HOW TO MAKE LIFE SUCK LESS”.

Bleep bloop over and out / AK

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