This life takes a toll

December 17, 2009 1:05 am Published by Leave your thoughts


I’m so tired. When I was done at work I went to the studio and finished another song. That feels good, but I’m so tired. I really love doing this but when I were about to wash my hands in the bathroom I just stood and looked at my face. I’ve got effin bags under my eyes. I know I’ve been loosing sleep for a lot of things lately, not just because of the midnight sessions in the studio, but still. The kid is getting all the energy. He’s getting younger and I’m getting older. I’m tired. But I also feel very clear why I make music… It just swooshed through my mind seconds after I understood the life I’m living is taking a toll.

  • I get to feel like a guitar god for a minute, even though I can’t play any guitar really.
  • Seeing people dance to my music on the beach I walk past going home from work brightens my day.
  • I can dance in front of thousands of people without feeling like an idiot.
  • I get to see people dance in front of thousands of people without them feeling like idiots.
  • Being able to one day put on the biggest solar powered light show ever.
  • Get shit loads of money.
  • Get a electric powered SUV with all the bling.
  • Drink champagne for breakfast, everyday.

Ok, I got a lot of dancing on the list. And maybe that’s what making music is about for me. Dancing is freedom. Take Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, Fame etc. in those movies dancing is the bridge between classes and the way to freedom and a new life. Even if these movies serve a quite romantisized version of dancing i think it’s true. Dancing can make us feel free, and be a bit happier. And I think that’s what making music is all about for me… Tonight anyway.

Good night, yours sincerely, Kristoffer.

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