Deathcab acoustic version

December 11, 2009 12:51 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Adventure Kid - Deathcab

For five years writing and recorded songs have been like brushing my theeth… Something I do everyday before I go to sleep. And now I have A LOT of tooth brushing to listen through and choose from. So today I kind of bailed out on the listening, just went to the studio and recorded the pump organ and then added some glockenspiel and in the end of the night I had a acoustic version of Deathcab.

Ok, I didn’t really make anything that will get in the Album… But it will get to you just after Christmas. It’s the Deathcab EP / Single.

Oh and I wish I was a art rock band and was thinking about making THE album. Now it’s just collecting the teeth I like the most. And brush em into shiny diamonds…

Good night kisses! /Kiddo

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